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Waterproof Cameras

Attention swimmers, calling all divers, surfers and accident prone photographers, waterproof cameras were designed for you.

There was a time in photography where the only time a camera came remotely close to water was the dark room. Today, there are a plethora of waterproof cameras available.

With the right waterproof camera you’ll be able to capture that perfect splash of water, the brilliant colour of submerged coral or the vibrant green previously only seen by surfers from inside a barrel. While these cameras are great for action, the possibilities are endless. Think children swimming, babies first bath or getting up close with your beloved, although very slobbery dog. Waterproof cameras also perform well in snow and your typical ‘dry’ conditions.

Ranging from cameras small enough for your pocket to high quality and extreme durability, we have a large range of waterproof cameras at the lowest prices.

All our products include the full 1 Year official national manufacturers warranty ( i.e Canon Australia, Nikon Australia, Olympus Australia, Sony Australia, Panasonic Australia, Samsung Australia etc).

Waterproof cameras are perfect for lovers of photography and water adventures alike. With a waterproof camera you’ll be snapping every possible chance wet or dry.

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