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GoPro Accessories

Now you can get more out of your GoPro with GoPro Accessories from

GoPro is known worldwide as the industry leader in capturing high-resolution stunning action shots of you and your world. From the mountain to the sea and everywhere in between it's easy to record the best of your life with a GoPro. Now that you've got one, it's time to expand its capabilities with GoPro Accessories.

GoPro Accessories make it easier to get those shots that were previously inaccessible. From POV extension poles for elevated filming to suction mounts for hands-free fun, you'll be amazed at what your GoPro can do with a little help.

We sell head or chest harnesses and specialised mounts are also available for bicycles, helmets, surfboards or vehicles. It's even possible to take your GoPro airborne on a remote controlled quadcopter with 25 minute flight time.

Browse through our extensive range of GoPro Accessories to find just what you are looking for. From battery chargers to floatation devices, or how about a waterproof wi-fi remote? has got it all!

GoPro Accessories make a great gift for the GoPro enthusiast in your life.

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